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I’m Karren Doll Tolliver. I grew up in a small Midwestern American town, reading and dreaming of all the exotic and inspiring places I would visit one day. In my case, “one day” actually came: I’ve lived in the Midwest, Deep South and West of the USA. I’ve also spent years living in Europe (Czech Republic and Germany), and traveled far and wide no matter where home happened to be. I continue to travel extensively whenever I get the chance, so I’ve seen a great deal of this wonderful world.

Fortunately, I earned a degree in English and I learned research, writing and photography before setting out on these travels. Now I’m able to bring my experiences to you on this blog. In addition to this travel blog jam, I am an avid cook, proprietor of the Iron Chicken Kitchen (a Colorado Cottage Food Factory) Mini Cooper driver, quiller, webmaster, ESL teacher and author. Plus I created an English-learners’ podcast, Slow American English.

I currently live in Colorado with my husband and our French bulldog.